Nulheganaki PowWow

Nulheganaki 2013 Celebration & Encampment
Sept 14th-15th, 2013
Brighton State Park
102 State Park Road
Island Pond , VT 05846

What:  Nulheganaki 2013 Celebration
When:  September 14th-15th, 2013
Where:  Brighton State Park

Nulheganaki 2013 is just around the corner!  Redefining “powwow”, Nulheganaki 2013 builds upon the celebratory, teaching, sharing, and social aspects of the powwow while shedding the monetary and carnival aspects that have come to define today’s powwows.

Unlike typical powwows which depend upon site-see’ers, tourists, and cotton candy to “turn a profit”, you will find no typical “China made” powwow vendors at Nulheganaki 2013.  In fact, you will find no vendors at all… only Abenaki artisans and presenters.  The main focus of Nulheganaki 2013 is the celebration of Abenaki culture and the historic and contemporary value of the Wabanaki and Seven Nations alliances.


Nulhegan lead drummer, Luke Willard

It’s not a “powwow”… It’s a CELEBRATION!! ALL members, friends, and friends of friends… ALL of Native America who values the customs, traditions, and alliances of the Abenaki people are invited to come celebrate. Rather than a powwow focused on money and entertaining the “dominant culture”, from this day forward, we will CELEBRATE our culture and our sovereignty OUR WAY.

Nulhegan Basketmaker, Sherry Gould

ABENAKI ARTISANS and PRESENTERS are welcome and encouraged to present, teach, and market your talent. Presenting artisans will not be charged a fee. Please label your products appropriately… there will be checks.

DRUM GROUPS AND DANCES ARE WELCOME!  Please come and join us..

CAMPERS! Bring your tent, RV, camper, dome or conical lodge. Bring the necessities that you will require for the weekend. There will be no food vendors. No power or other utilities will be provided. Restrooms and Showers will be onsite Showers are coin operated. Unless you bring the proverbial kitchen sink… CAMPING IS 16 DOLLARS A NIGHT.  Donations are appreciated to maintain the event.  

Private donations can also be made to AHA, Inc. to benefit the Seventh Harvest Abenaki Relief Project.  You can learn more about Seventh Harvest at

Please visit Brighton State Park . for rules and regulations. The Nulhegan tribe is not responsible for any Loss, Damaged, or Stolen items. We are also not liable for any injuries or medical issues arising from the event. This is a public gathering of people to celebrate our culture, you come at your own risk.  Participants and Guests are responsible for their own cleanup.

Tribal security will be onsite.

Nulhegan Drum and Singers

Nulhegan Singers


Drumming from the Nulhegan Singers; Dancing; Various presentations on culture, craftsmanship, etc.

Nulhegan Chief Don Stevens

Nulhegan Chief, Don Stevens & his mother

Nulhegan Chief, Don Stevens, will present welcoming and honoring ceremonies, wampum history & craftsmanship, etc.

Nulheganaki 2011 Celebration Blog

Fred Wiseman

Professor Fred Wiseman will present Wampum readings and instruction; A history of Abenaki alliances; A discussion on State Recognition and what it means for you; And a teaching of the Sun & Moon Dance and Green Corn Dance.

Nulheganaki 2011 Celebration Blog

Elnu Chief, Roger Longtoe

Chief Roger Longtoe and other Elnu Abenakis will be here to exhibit and discuss living history and more.

Face painting for the kids and the big kids too.

Saturday Potluck Feast for campers and presenters. We eat well at Nulhegan.

This will be a relaxed weekend of celebration… the old way.

History frequently mentions “sightings” of Abenaki encampments at various sites within our territory. September 14th and 15th will be another…

Campers – Don’t be afraid to bring your acoustic instruments (if you play) for some evening campfire music if the weather permits.

For more information, email or call (802) 985-2465.

DISCLAIMER: The Nulhegan Abenaki Tribe, AHA Inc, and property owners are not responsible in any way for any loss or injury to self or personal property/automobiles suffered by any guest, participant, or pet.


From Island Pond: Go 2 mi. E on Hwy 105, then 3/4 mi. S on local road.  N44° 47.794' W71° 51.305
Go to for further directions.

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